I recently had the pleasure of working with Mr Arikawe as my mortgage broker, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional. After a disappointing encounter with a previous broker who couldn’t secure an Agreement in Principle (AIP) for me, a family friend recommended Mr. Arikawe, and I am immensely grateful for the referral.

From our initial contact, Mr Arikawe displayed great professionalism and assured me that he would guide me through the entire home-buying process. In fact I still remember his words which were “We will hold your hand through this process and will not leave you until you have the keys in your hand.” This promise was not just rhetoric; he stood by it and went above and beyond to fulfil it. As a single, first-time buyer navigating the complexities of the house buying process, having someone like Mr Arikawe by my side made all the difference.

What truly sets Mr Arikawe apart is his unwavering commitment to his clients. He not only found me a suitable lender but also took the initiative to arrange income protection, demonstrating a level of thoroughness and care that is a rare find.

Throughout the process, Mr Arikawe’s proactive approach became evident as he tirelessly pursued and followed up with all parties involved, ensuring a smooth transaction. His dedication was particularly evident when I was faced with unnecessary delays from other parties. He handled situations with tenacity and kept me informed every step of the way.

Thanks to his expertise and dedication, I am now a proud homeowner. His professionalism and personalized support make him a broker of the highest calibre. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Mr Arikawe to anyone in need of a reliable and trustworthy mortgage broker. I am grateful for his assistance and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Wesley A

I thought I was not going to be able to get a mortgage due to the nature of my work – maintaining  contracts in Switzerland and in the UK. Mr Akinniyi Arikawe of Amiable Financial Services helped me find the best options and offers open to me and guided me throughout the buying process.

I can’t believe I am now in my dream house at the age of 27! I am so grateful for the care and support right from the beginning, to the day I finally collected my keys.

I would highly recommend Amiable Financial Services for peace of mind as you purchase your property!

D.O – Aylesbury

I was introduced to Mr Akin Arikawe (Amiable Financial Services) in April 2021 when I wanted to re-mortgage on of my properties. He was very professional and good-natured in evaluating my requirement and matching it with the best product. Mr Akin was consistent and thorough during the process and even followed up with other parties involved on my behalf to ensure a smooth completion.

I will highly recommend Akin and use Amiable Financial Service in future.

M.O – Manchester

I first met Mr Arikawe in 2019 at a mortgage conference and struck a good rapport. Naturally when our home came up for re-mortgage, I chose Amiable Financial Services. He took us through the whole process, walking us through step by step. In a very professional manner, he explained what to expect at each stage; even when we went back to ask the same questions. This was important because it was our first re-mortgage. I especially appreciate how he bent over backwards to ensure the solicitors appointed by the lender completed the mortgage promptly. As a broker, that was pure customer service excellence as he did not have to do that. This tells me Amiable is not just about finding mortgage deals. The care and attention they give to customers is value added and that makes a world of difference.

Thanks Amiable for a job well done. I will be recommending their services to friends and family and yes…would definitely use again.

Lloyd E.

We decided to buy our property in the summer of 2020. On one of my professional platforms, I was introduced to Mr Arikawe of Amiable Financial Services . At my very first contact with him, myself and my husband knew right away that it will be a success story. This is because he was not only professional but also took time to understand our circumstances before any consultation. One important thing to add is that he had always said he will hold our hands till the collection of our keys. True to his words, he did just that… long story short we are now proud owners of our home.
N & K

Akin & Amiable Financial Services were introduced to me to by a family friend a few years ago and so when the time came for us to purchase our first home, there was no doubt as to who to choose. From inception right through to completion, Akin was professional, providing a range of products and giving sound advice. In what was a very difficult climate on the mortgage market, Akin assisted us in selecting the best product and ultimately securing our dream home. We would not hesitate to recommend Amiable Financial Services to friends and family, and we look forward to working with the business again in the future.
Kevin & Gloria

Throughout the process of purchasing our family house, Niyi held our hands and remained professional. His favourite phrases, ‘let us see it to the logical conclusion’ and ‘it is a beautiful day’ (as he rounds off his call), helped us remain patient and calm even when we were getting frustrated at the demands of the lenders. With numerous calls to lenders and agent and keeping us informed, Niyi remained patient. We really felt secure in the process as he guides us through.

We were also supported with choosing the right lender and the protection covers we needed to relax and enjoy our new house.

Today, we wake up and truly say ‘it is a beautiful day’. Fola

Thank you.

Fola, London.

My husband and I were referred to Amiable Financial Services (AFS) after we had been to another mortgage broker. We’d had an offer in principle, found a house, but when it came time to convert the offer in principle to the actual offer we were refused. It turned out our original broker hadn’t collected all the data required from us, but also felt he couldn’t help us find a mortgage in the end.

We were going to give up on the house before my husband remembered he had a friend in a similar situation who had managed to get a mortgage with the help of AFS.

We contacted Niyi who was very helpful and thorough from the outset. We explained the situation and he assured us there’d be no reason for us not to get a mortgage. We were on the phone and emailing a lot over the next few days; however within six working days, we had our mortgage offer at a great interest rate too.

Unfortunately the vendor of the property we had secured initially decided to sell to someone else because she wanted a quicker sale. We found another property within a few days and the mortgage offer letter was approved for the new property. Amiable Financial Services even alerted us before we exchanged contracts that the lender had reduced their rate and subsequently got a new offer letter with a lower rate. This shows they are proactive and client focused.

We’re very grateful for all the work done on our behalf and would highly recommend their services to friends and family.

Bamnan & Tope, Bristol

I am very happy with the service provided by Amiable Financial Service- Mr Akinniyi and his team are indeed experts in their field. I was looking to take out a mortgage on a property which seemed impossible to get an high street lender due to my poor credit history when I was in university and would have had to wait for 6 years to be able to take out a mortgage to buy a house.

Of course I had approached many high street lender and mortgage advisors who seemed not very helpful as they would give a general advise based on their listed criteria of eligibility but I was introduced to Mr Akinniyi who understood my financial situation has improved from my university days and was able to tailor the service rendered according to my need, affordability and current financial capability . He is highly skilled and would not give up on my situation until he finally found me a lender, with good interest rate which is competitive with the rates you can get from the high street lenders.

Thank you so much. I would highly recommend Amiable financial services to anyone who thinks their credit history puts them at a disadvantage to approach this company and I promise you won’t be disappointed!


I was just about concluding a 3 year divorce in which I was financially abused and therefore had to make some difficult choices with very few or no options. I was recommended to Amiable Financial Services by a very dear friend. Once I started liaising with Amiable Finance I began to develop belief and hope of getting my life back.

Amiable Financial Services walked me through the processes and simplified the journey in clear and plain English. I was able to get my ex-husband’s name from my mortgage with ease and raise additional funds to put the love back into my home and clear my debts.

I am now at peace and for what initially seemed daunting has been an easy ride. Thanks to Amiable for giving me my life back. On reflection, what is now amazing is the speed with which my life has been transformed and giving me the most valuable thing I craved “peace of mind”.
I have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone including family and friends.

Janice, London

I had approached one of the biggest network of mortgage brokers in the UK to help me out with my mortgage challenge to purchase my first property which is a new built house. About two months after starting the process, we were still not close to an offer.

My case was being considered by a subprime lender who was going to charge a ridiculous interest of around five and a half per cent and required a 25 per cent deposit. As I was self employed, the lender also requested all sorts of documentation.

As I was unhappy with the delay and the entire process after two months, a friend told me about Amiable Financial Services. I contacted them immediately in less than two weeks I got an offer.

A near three months of nightmare was over in less than two weeks!! Imagine an offer of a smaller deposit as well as lower interest rate with a major high street lender. The whole process was so smooth and hassle free.

Above all, I can say for certain that without Amiable Financial Services, I would have lost the opportunity to purchase the lovely new build I got and my reservation deposit.

Thank you Mr Akin Arikawe!

F Lawal, Birmingham


My name is Dr O Ogunyemi, and I just want to set out my experience with Amiable Financial Services. In mid 2008, I met the Principal of Amiable – Akinniyi Arikawe (Niyi) – who listened to my needs and delivered advice about financial protection products.

My belief at the time was that I was adequately insured against any possible eventualities or mishaps, but professionally he asked to see all the insurance/protection policies that I had in place.

He went through this with a fine toothcomb, and told me that I did not have Income Protection, and that being mostly self-employed (Locum General Practitioner) that it was advisable to have Income Protection in place. My first thought was, “Yet another direct debit, and donation to an Insurance company”, thinking I will never need it.

However, after a lot of thought and thorough explanation of the benefits from Niyi, I decided to take out Income Protection, and it has turned out to be the wisest financial investment/decision I have made to date.

Unfortunately, in February 2009, during the heavy snowfall, I had an accident and sustained a compound fracture to my right leg for which I needed an operation. I told Niyi about my accident, and he took it upon himself to call the Insurance company we purchased the Income Protection policy from. To my pleasant surprise, they called me almost immediately, and once all the paperwork had been completed and the deferment period was over, they started paying me a great bulk of my income.

I was unable to work for 7-8 months and with a family to take care of, I sincerely do not know how we would have survived if I had not taken out this policy. Even when I returned to work, I was adequately supported and they continued to pay a rehabilitation benefit to me.

In summary, what I would like to say is that from my experience with Amiable Financial Services, they just do not sell or encourage you to take out policies that would benefit them financially, but they do a thorough appraisal of the client’s needs, and advice and help search for the best products to suit the client. In addition, they were also very helpful during the claim process.

Amiable Financial Services are highly recommended, as you can see from the experience I’ve had with them.


Dr O Ogunyemi

I was having various challenges finding a mortgage lender and had being declined several times because of the peculiarity of my credit report. Eventually Akin Arikawe of Amiable Financial Services was recommended to me. He said he would discuss my circumstances with some lenders on my behalf and feed me back with some options.

Akin did a full fact-find and gave me an idea of the price range of properties to look out for within my affordability range as I was pitching too high.

This led to the restructuring of my search as the earlier vendor was not prepared to come down on her price.

I soon found a property within the range I had been advised to look and contacted Amiable Financial Services. Akin quickly took everything on board and came up with the best lender and a very good interest rate. Also, the amount I had to deposit for the house was greatly reduced!

In addition to getting me the best deal available based on my circumstances, Akin also provided me with necessary protection advice concerning Life, Critical Illness and Income Protection.

S Adeyemo, London

We were rejected by one lender because the fact finding was not done thoroughly enough by the first financial advisor we contacted. The advisor was not professional enough to understand our situation and we almost gave up.

We were recommended by a friend to speak to Akin at Amiable Financial Services. From the moment we employed their services, we had up-to-date information on the mortgage application made on our behalf.

Given our unique situation, we needed a company that was prepared to go the extra mile for us – Amiable Financial Services was that company. They not only went the extra mile, they made sure that they secured the best mortgage rate and terms and conditions that was just right for us. Their positive and confident approach also made the process far less stressful than it ideally should have been.

We would recommend Amiable Financial Services any time and any day to anyone needing a professional mortgage and protection advice as Akin also advised and put in place the necessary Protection Cover for us.

B & I Salami, Surrey


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